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The Fashion Cure 

is a safe, enjoyable space for upcycling experiments. It's where we mend both our clothes and our spirits. Creating with our own hands boosts confidence, proving we're capable of anything. It's that simple! 

Blessings abound in life's little moments - from tapping into creativity within our community to simply enjoying good company. Remember, you're the architect of your own experience.

Our Workshops

They loved it ! 


“Thank you so much for your workshop !! I really enjoyed it and I'm surprised I even managed to make a tote bag on my first time with a sewing machine. You are a great teacher. Looking forward for the next time ! "


"I had the pleasure of attending Ama’s sewing patchwork DIY workshop and it was truly a transformative experience. Ama’s diverse and powerful community approach created a welcoming environment where I felt supported and inspired. During a rough patch in the last couple of weeks, the workshop reignited my dormant creativity and left me feeling replenished. The act of sewing brought me into a state of flow, and the lovely people and sense of community building made the experience even more special. Thank you so much, Ama, for nourishing my soul and providing such a meaningful workshop. Yaaaas Kween! Cheers Queers Ariel"


“Thank you for your delightful workshop: I'm so glad I got to sew again after such a long time, thank you for being patient for teaching us the tricks and for sharing your skills. Making our own tote bag couldn't have been funner. Looking forward for the next upcycling afternoon I can join  ”

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