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Amaluma studio is a sustainable brand promoting an eco responsible lifestyle. 

Our brand's journey stemmed from a passionate commitment to upcycling, evolving into a sustainable, multi-faceted enterprise. At present, we also specialize in crafting exquisite handmade home decor using Jesmonite—an environmentally friendly material. 
In addition to our curated collection, we offer immersive workshops in Jesmonite crafting and upcycling, empowering you to create distinctive, eco-conscious pieces for your home & wardrobe. 
By purchasing our items and attending our events, you actively contribute to the creation of a better and more sustainable future.
Join us in embracing a lifestyle that champions uniqueness and sustainability.

«  "LUMA" is my family name, which was inherited from my father who changed it upon arriving in France to align with Western norms. It serves as both a tribute to my origins and a reminder of society's inclination to enforce conformity, which is often reflected in the realm of fashion.


 "AMA" is a term frequently associated with love, symbolizing a genuine ode to self-love.

Through upcycling, we shift the paradigm, allowing clothing to adapt to the individual rather than the other way around.


Clothing holds a remarkable power to empower us both socially and personally, instilling a surge of energy and confidence when we discover the perfect outfit.


Similarly, your interior decor serves as a sanctuary, a safe place where you can find solace. By incorporating intentionally crafted, meaningful handmade home decor, you can enhance the positive vibes and alignment within your space.

These thoughtfully designed pieces bring a sense of purpose and harmony, creating an atmosphere that resonates with your values and uplifts your spirits.


Furthermore, "LUMA" holds the meaning of light in various languages, representing a celebration of my heritage and a desire to illuminate and highlight your unique qualities. Our clothing and interior decor are designed to bring forth the essence of your soul and allow it to radiate. »


our founder


« Oh hi babe, I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Berlin. I am skilled in singing, but I also curate unique experiences. Occasionally, I create captivating streetstyle videos on YouTube to share Berlin unique outfitts. In 2020, I took the initiative to establish Amaluma studio, with the intention to acquire new skills and build self-assurance.

Through Amaluma studio, I am able to bring together my passions for fashion, sustainability, and community, creating a space where these elements harmoniously coexist. »

Photos by Cora Hamilton

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